Roberta Pasquinucci - Actress

Roberta was born as a theatre actress, which is her main profession and passion. She also works in cinema and TV.

Roberta Pasquinucci - Dubber

Roberta has been dedicating herself to translating, announcing and dubbling for almost 20 years, in five different languages.

Roberta Pasquinucci - Announcer

The unexpected events of life led Roberta to gain experience as announcer in television and Internet.

Brief Biography
(Español) Roberta Pasquinucci fotografiada por David de Olalde en Madrid - Black2

Roberta Pasquinucci is an italian professional actress, dubber and announcer. She was born in Cagliari, but she has her first experiences in the theater world in Milan. After moving to Barcelona, she decides to attend the “Escuela de Formación of Actor Nancy Tuñón” and she graduates in 2011 in the “Neighborhood Playhouse” program of Meisner Technique, held by Javier Galitó-Cava. She currently works mainly in Madrid as a professional actress in theater, cinema and television shows, with raids in the dubbing world.

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